Code of Conduct


  1. Students will obtain satisfactory results in their courses to continue in the program.

  2. Students will take a full program. If students wish to change their program (e.g. drop a course) they must first obtain permission of their guidance counselor and the OISP academic advisor.

  3. Students will follow the rules of their school.

  4. Students have the responsibility to share their report cards, and school letters with their parents and homestay family.

  5. OISP or the school will provide written reports to the parents of students who are experiencing difficulty in our school system (e.g. attendance or academic results).


  1. Students will strive to attend school on every school day of each term. All students (including those 18 years of age and older) who are sick and absent from school will bring a note signed by their host parent explaining their absence.

  2. Students who are absent from school for a valid reason are responsible for making up all the work and assignments they have missed.

  3. Student who cannot maintain regular attendance at school will be withdrawn from the program.

  4. Students who are withdrawn from the program will return to their home country immediately at their own expense and without any refund of tuition fees.


  1. Students will live with a homestay family for the duration of their studies.

  2. Students will advise the homestay family of their emergency contact details.

  3. Students will follow and respect homestay family household rules and property. These include showing consideration and courtesy, agreeing to a suitable home time and bed time, and advising the homestay family of outings and visits.

  4. Students will negotiate the use of telephone, computer and internet facilities with the homestay family and abide by their decision in relation to this usage.

  5. Students will be treated as a resepected member of the family and will be expected to be an active member of the household.


  1. Students will obtain permission from the OISP office before changing accommodation.

  2. Students will advise their school and the OISP office of their new contact details within seven (7) days.


  1. All students must have health insurance to cover medical emergencies, illness and medications while in the program.


  1. Students will obey Canadian laws and regulations at all times.

  2. Students are not permitted to work for pay.

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